• Specification

    -0xBitcoin: 480 GH / s

    -5.000 Watt

    -Plug & Mine

    -only with hosting, HTC GmbH

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1) Buy Hardware with Wachsende Werte

Wachsende Werte is the first Austrian commercial enterprise, which sells highly modern hardware in the field of Blockchain technology. This hardware administrates crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, and constitutes the infrastructure for numerous applications. The fundamental technology behind crypto currencies is called Blockchain. Blockchain stands for secure transactions of entities. The devices (miners) of Wachsende Werte are installed by our hosting partners for our customers and generate high yields in the mining sector.

2) Host your hardware with HTC

HTC is an Austrian development Company in FPGA´s and the hostingpartner from Wachsende Werte. The ” Bittware CVP-13 liquid tank” is only available with a Hosting contract.